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Suhani Agro Farming Our Service and Products

Suhani Agro Farming was incepted in 2009 by Mr. Navin Kumar to manufacture wide range of Green Houses and Net Houses. After completion of degree and all agricultural trainings. Idea came to mind that crop diversification is the main need of farmers as they were committing suicide due to non profitable business of rotation of two crops i.e, wheat and paddy. Suhani Agro Farming is a specialized company that provides agriculture services to interested farmers in agriculture industries all over India.

Our Service and Products

Hybrid Tomato & Plants

Hybrid tomato plants combine two different varieties of tomato plant to produce a cultivated variety with ...

Hybrid Capsicum & Plants

Despite being a single species, Capsicum has many forms with a variety of luscious colors like red, yellow, green,...

Net House

Net-Houses technology provides a high return on investment for growing vegetables and flowers during hot ...

Hybrid Roses & Plants

Hybrid Roses are excellent garden plants suitable for cutting, single plantings, or in mixed beds with other ...

Hybrid Lilium & Plants

Lilium (members of which are true lilies) is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs, all with ...

Hybrid Gerbera & Plants

Gerbera plants are a type of ornamental plants and it is from family of sunflower. The scientific name of Gerbera ...

Seedless Cucumbers & Plants

This cucumber is unwaxed with a delicate skin that does not need to be peeled. From cucumber sandwiches at ...


A farm pond is a large hole dug out in the earth, usually square or rectangular in shape, which harvests rainwater ...


Water your vegetable garden with the DIG Raised Bed Garden Drip Irrigation Kit. The kit includes 1/4 in. drip-line ...


As per customer demands, we providing consultancy for Cold Storage / CA Cold Storage ...


A large scale Solar Power Plant also known as Solar Farm or utility scale generation....

Suhani Agro Farming

Suhani Agro Farming Suhani Agro Farming Suhani Agro Farming Suhani Agro Farming Suhani Agro Farming ...

Primary Contacts

Plot No. 123, Back Side GHS-99
Village Kundi, Sector 20
Panchkula, Haryana.
+91 9876686664,
+91 9883977000
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Our Services To Farmers

  • Free test of soil and water.
  • All services related to loan is provided by Government banks.
  • All Services relating to subsidy work.
  • Prepare Green house Structure and all civil construction works.
  • Facility of complete Drip Irrigation System and water ponds.
  • Service of BED preparation/ Making and soil treatment, soil fumigation.
  • Instant Availability of seeds/ plants and all planting material.
  • Facility of experienced doctors for training of farmers.
  • climate and weather information.
  • To provide information about new inventions and technology.
  • Marketing Facilities i.e., BUY BACK AGREEMENT FACILITY.
  • Experience & Business Offers

  • We currently manage approximately 160 acres of Green Houses ranging from Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh region in India Country. We comply with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements including qualified and experienced doctors, farm labour contractor, qualified and experienced Staff, agricultural pest control advisors, business advisors, Best Farm Worker’s etc.
  • Our Core Values

  • As a supplier, we work hard to offer a total service, from formulating the needs of the customers to delivery.
  • Fact Sheet Suhani Agro Farm

    Year of Establishment
    Establish in 2009
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    Legal Status of Firm
    Dolorem ipsum quia
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    Nature of Business
    India's Biggest Wholesaler and Retailer.
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    Number of Employees
    101 to 500 People
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    Rs. 50 - 100 Crore
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    Office Location
    Panchkula, Haryana.
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