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About Us


Was incepted in 2009 by Mr. Navin Kumar to manufacture wide range of Green Houses and Net Houses. After completion of degree and all agricultural trainings. Idea came to mind that crop diversification is the main need of farmers as they were committing suicide due to non profitable business of rotation of two crops i.e, wheat and paddy. Suhani Agro Farming is a specialized company that provides agriculture services to interested farmers in agriculture industries all over India.

With the technical support by Mr. Navin Kumar & Family, our company has become the biggest Green Houses manufacturer company in North India. We have experienced professionals on board who conduct stringent quality checks right from the procurement of raw material, to the fabrication and installation of the green house. The Green Houses constructed by Suhani Agro farm are proof against heavy wind load and storms.

As a result, farmers and corporate remain associated with us for their new projects as well as for their expansion work. Available at industry leading prices and in different colors, our greenhouses comply in every way with the highest industry standards. With the constant support of our diligent team of experts, we are able to offer assistance in horticulture and agronomic support. They come with enriched industry experience that enables them to offer suitable solutions to enhance the production of all Hybrid Flowers and all Hybrid Vegetables. We have been able to cater to the diverse needs of our clients by offering the best quality range of products.


  • UV Films protect the crops in Green House by controlling harmful UV rays.
  • Controls the inner environment.
  • Carbon dioxide released by the plants in night is absorbed by them in morning, due to which this plants can prepare their food 8-10 times more than a normal plant.
  • Productions of crop per hectare are more with best quality.
  • Protection of crops from harmful rain, storm, cold.
  • Arrangement of natural sunlight and air.
  • Crop season for long period.
  • Production of seasonal vegetable and flowers for 12 months also.
  • Protection from harmful insects.
  • Effective use of fertilizers, water and pesticides.
  • Production per hectare increases because capacity of crop is affected according to Market demand, any crop can be produced in any season.


  • Free test of soil and water.
  • All services related to loan is provided by Government banks.
  • All Services relating to subsidy work.
  • Prepare Green house Structure and all civil construction works.
  • Facility of complete Drip Irrigation System and water ponds.
  • Service of BED preparation/ Making and soil treatment, soil fumigation.
  • Instant Availability of seeds/ plants and all planting material.
  • Facility of experienced doctors for training of farmers.
  • climate and weather information.
  • To provide information about new inventions and technology.
  • Marketing Facilities i.e., BUY BACK AGREEMENT FACILITY.
  • Helps in sorting, grading units, washing, drying, packing material, semi cold store, integrated pack house and exporting the produce.


  • Best Experience and knowledge in Agriculture.
  • Dedicated Staff and expert Agronomist.
  • Free Agriculture Doctor Facilities
  • Poly / Net House, Cold Storage / CA Cold Storage.
  • Our Commitment to Responsible.
  • Green House Project Financing.
  • Customer Satisfaction.

  • Our Owned Projects, Experience & Business Offers

    We currently manage approximately 160 acres of Green Houses ranging from Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh region in India Country. We comply with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements including qualified and experienced doctors, farm labour contractor, qualified and experienced Staff, agricultural pest control advisors, business advisors, Best Farm Worker’s etc. We are also offering TURN KEY PROJECTS OR CONTRACT BASED FARMING, Organic farming and enormously best range of agricultural products. Under TURN KEY PROJECTS / CONTRACT BASED FARMING (If a beneficiary who is in possession of land upto 10 Acre or more than that, he can avail this facility. Under this we can arrange loan facility from Nationalized Bank, setting up Poly House/ Green House, Net House with Plantation, Water Tank & Doctor (Agronomist) Facility. Under this scheme we will pay annual lease money of Rs. 5 Lacs under the cultivation of Rose and Rs. 3 Lacs under the cultivation of Vegetables in Poly House of 10 Acre. Further labour charges, electricity, water charges and all expenses related to Poly House will be borne by us. Repayment of Installment of pending loan amount after reimbursement of subsidy received from NHM/ NHB will be paid by us.

    Our Core Values

    As a supplier, we work hard to offer a total service, from formulating the needs of the customers to delivery.

    Suhani Agro Farm

    SUHANI AGRO FARM was incepted to serve the customers’ demands and requirements efficiently. Established as sole importer and distributor, we are offering the enormously best range of agricultural products. Geo synthesis, vegetable packaging and, Agro sheets and nets are efficiently manufactured by us. The whole range offered by us are preferred due to their unique features and functions, like they are tear resistant, light in weight, UV stabilized, highly durable and non-toxic.
    Due to increase in population, mechanism and urbanization the area of agriculture is falling day by day. Disturbance in environment is the main cause for low production and poor quality of vegetables and flowers in open fields. For this reason we fail to produce best quality as per international standards. Now a day, production of vegetables and fruits without spraying pesticides is of great importance. In these conditions, it is recommended that Green House is the best solution for secure farm
    Due to farm in Green houses, production increases even in unfavorable environment and it has more advantages also. The structure of Green House is an important factor for the effective production. This structure is based upon the time and the environment conditions. Though government has provided various subsidies on this project, farmers are not accepting this due to lack of knowledge. This time it is necessary to prepare a structure to improve the conditions of agriculture in all over India.
    In this century we are unable to achieve the annual consumption of vegetables, which will increase in future. Increase in population, mechanism and modernization is the main cause for negligence towards farm. So, it is necessary to take a step to increase the production of vegetables and flowers. In spite of this, production of vegetables without using the chemical fertilizers is necessary. In this condition, a secure farm is the only solution. Keeping all this in mind, the structure of Green House is of G.I.Pipes which is covered with transparent sheets and net whose size is sufficient to control the environment fully and for a long period of time.